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Please note: These programs are only available on a “first come first served” basis. Once you have locked in your area, we will not sell any of our programs to any of your direct competitors. You have the exclusive rights to that area.

So how do you get a steady stream of new customers coming in? We think we have found the answer in our New Homeowner/Resident Program. This program is designed for the business that sells to consumers and wants to build their new client base. 99% of business owners do not know how to generate a continuous flow of high quality new clients with their marketing efforts. If you’re like most owners, you’ve tried yellow pages, local newspapers, coupon mailing packs, “throw away” free papers and almost everything else that’s out there. You seem to be doing everything your industry traditionally uses. Yet, you are frustrated. Your business needs more customers to increase sales and profits. There is a niche market in your community that can provide you with all the new clients you need. A group of people that don’t patronize you. They don’t yet patronize any of your competitors. People who are (or will be) looking for your business. High quality clients who will be rewarding you or one of your competitors with their patronage and loyalty.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, each year approximately 20% of the population relocates. Your total “client inventory” could easily be shrinking by as much as 35% per year. If this high-side figure seems ridiculous, stop and think how many clients you used to have that are no longer around?

The easiest, surest – and smartest – way to attract a steady flow of new clients is to go after just moved in NEW RESIDENTS.

The right system that targets this market can provide all of the clients you need to grow your business until the day you decide to retire or sell. If you have tried this before… and have been disappointed with the results – read on. You will discover the secret to tapping into this amazing niche market. Just imagine – if some how, some way you can create a cost-effective method of attracting loads of new clients from the new mover universe – you will have licked your customer recruiting problems forever.

How so?

Because every month --all year round -- from now until the day you sell or retire -- there will be a steady stream of new people moving into your area. A river of prospects that will never dry up.

The financial mathematics of new resident marketing will startle you… The new resident market in your community is worth millions of dollars to your business. Let me prove it. According to most industry statistics, the average lifetime revenue contribution of a client is worth several thousand dollars. “Lifetime revenue” refers to the total amount of money a client will spend with you. Let’s do the math for an average business. Consider the average amount of money spent per visit by a client. Let’s say your average customer sale is $60.00 per visit. Now take that number and multiply it buy the average number of visits per year. Let’s say they come in 6 times a year. Now take that number and multiply it by 5-7 years (The median length of time a client will do business with a single company). Even if we do not include other family members or referrals the lifetime revenue total is between $1800-$2520. Now if there are 100 new people per month which is 1200 in a year and over 5-7 years would be an average of 6000 new potential clients and if they were to each buy from you that would $1,320,000 in additional business over the next 6 years. That’s an additional $220,000 per year! In a typical area, there are hundreds of new families moving in every month. New residents represent a huge source of untapped revenue for your business. You can certainly put in your own numbers and see how much your lifetime revenue is per client.

We have come up with a way for you to tap into this market and increase your bottom line. We research and find the new homeowners/residents in your selected zip codes based on your type of business. We also print your custom letter with your logo and signature on our custom paper, personalize each letter, fold, seal, and provide you with a list of who your potential new customers are. Everything is ready for you and more importantly no headaches or hassles! Call (916) 979-0303, fax (916-979-0345), or email the zip codes you are interested in along with your average dollar amount sale and we will run a no obligation revenue projection report for you.

We also offer this as a business to business program. Do you need new business clients coming in your door? Most new businesses need everything! Office furniture, business machines, coffee or water service, machine rental, office supplies, restaurants, insurance, cleaning services, locksmith, office space design, the list goes on. Our business to business service will pull the new businesses in your selected zip codes and prepare using the same process as the new homeowner program.

Remember our programs are on a first come basis. Don’t miss out. Call, email or fax your count requests today!