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Our Story:

We are a full service mail house with over 13 years of handling direct mail needs for all types of businesses. Looking over our client’s requests for services over the last couple of years’ one thing became very clear - every one of our client’s needs a steady stream of new customers coming through their doors. The problem is they did not have the time or money to run large scale promotional campaigns. The other problem they had is once they had a new customer in door and sold how do they keep them coming back in? So we started out by looking at other marketing methods our clients could use.

Two thirds of the population are on the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry and no one likes telemarketers. The cost effectiveness of television and cable advertising is plummeting – due to channel surfing and the exponential growth of TIVO and DVR. The yellow pages are more cluttered while the rates continue to spiral upwards. Spam filters are blocking 20-35 % of legitimate email. Local radio continues to fragment with the rapid growth of satellite radio services like XM and Sirius. Every medium costs more and is more cluttered in a world where the attention span of the buying public is shrinking.

We do know that dollar for dollar when done correctly, targeted direct mail is by the far the most effective tool available to help small to mid-sized businesses grow their sales and profits. The problem is that smaller companies can’t afford the high cost of professional help in the copy, design, and layout of their promotion. List companies have 5000 name minimums and mailing houses (even we do) have minimum orders to process the mail. So when it comes down to it, most businesses cannot afford to do a 5000 piece mailing and even if they could, they have a hard time managing the response.

So how could we make this great advertising medium more usable for our clients?

Come up with no minimum order programs that can be customized to each individual client needs.

Make them affordable so any business can use them.

That’s what we have done…

Our Customer Retention Programs are custom designed for your business. You pick the program that you want for your business and we do the rest. Our client retention programs are designed to keep your clients coming back in by connecting to them on a personal basis. You got them in the door – now keep them coming back in.

Our New Customer Marketing Program is also custom designed for your individual business. One of the hardest things to do is set up a marketing plan for new clients and then keep it going. This program is designed to supply you with a steady stream of qualified new customers that you can keep up with.

Custom Mailing Services - offering workable, affordable solutions to your marketing needs. Call (916) 979-0303 or email us at today and get started on bringing and keeping quality customers.