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Like most business owners’ you face many problems today. Problems that make owning a business challenging and more than a little scary.

There is competition - from Big Box stores as well as your local neighborhood competitors. We live in a very competitive world. On one side is the Big Box stores or the major chains – they carry everything – everything your customer needs. On the other side are the local businesses that sell the same types of product or service wanting to sell what you sell to your customer!

Then there is hiring, training and even more importantly keeping good employees. One of the hardest things to do in any business is to find qualified and loyal employees. It seems like you just get them trained and they leave – back to school, some “better” job or worse yet off to a competitor where your trained employee is a great asset.

Of course, one of the most challenging things for any business owner is balancing time between family and work. We all know this one or something like it – your child’s soccer game is the same time as one of your employees breaks and no one can cover for you – because let’s face it - they are not the boss for a reason – so you miss the game. It’s your birthday and you’d like to take the day off but one employee calls in sick and now you are shorthanded and have to go in… It just goes on.

Another big challenge is customer retention. You marketed to them and finally they walked in the door and they bought something from you! Now what? How do you keep them coming back to you for the next purchase? What sets you apart from the rest? How do you keep them coming back? We think we have come up with several solutions that can be geared for your business.

The following Programs are available on a “first come first served” basis. Once you have locked in your area, we will not sell any of our programs to any of your direct competitors. You have the exclusive rights to that area.

Thank Your Card Program
Our basic Customer Retention program is geared for following up after the sale. It is a simple “Thank You”. If you made a major purchase at a local store and a few days later a card arrived in the mail – hand address to you with a live postage stamp – postmarked from your area – you would open it. Inside is a Thank You card – with the local manager’s or owner’s name inside thanking you for your purchase – as well as a coupon for your next purchase – you would most likely use the coupon and speak highly to your friends and family about that store. Now imagine it is your client getting that card and what they will say to their family and friends about your store.

Stay in Touch Mailing Program
This program is the full version of our thank you card program. We prepare 6 custom mailings for your high value clients over the course of a year. Each card is addressed to them in a matching envelope just like our thank you program. We tie these into major and minor holidays depending on your type of business. This program will keep your name out in front of your major customers during the year.

Loyal Customer Program
This program is designed for the businesses that does not yet have their customer base on computer or wants to build a separate database for their most loyal customers. We provide you with data entry forms, which you have your customers fill out and then return them to us. We can even provide the box to drop them into! We also recommend (and will provide) adding a small sign to your cash registers offering a $10.00 reward if the cashier fails to ask them to sign up. This encourages your customers to get on the mailing list as well as ensures your staff is collecting information. We enter the names you send us and send out mailers to your loyal customers.

Custom Mailing to Existing Clients
This program is designed for those businesses that have an existing database of customers. You send us the names and we print, addresses and mail to your clients. Call or email for more information.